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      Norma did what she could, did what she thought right. "You don't have to die," she told him. "You're not responsible."Naturally, the boys were big-eyed all the time with the sights that filled the landscape near and far. Wherever they looked they were astonished, and when in a march they came out on a crest that commanded a wide view, they could not help halting, to drink all its wonders in. Even the experienced Si and Shorty were as full of amazement as they, and watched with fascination the spectacle of mighty preparation and concentrated power.

      "No?" Dr. Haenlingen said."Maybe you need some," Derban said.

      Besides, what was the use?it was only for a few months, and then Harry would be in a little house of his own, living very like his father, though more dreamily, more delicately. Then Mrs. Backfield would once more wear muslin aprons instead of sacking ones,[Pg 35] would sit with her hands folded, kid shoes on the fender.... Sometimes, in the rare moments they had together, Harry would paint this wonderland for her.

      She was sitting in a chair, with her back to the great window. As Dodd came in she looked up at him. "Hello, there.""But we've got a boy, Reuben. It would be nice to have a girl now."


      "Now, boys," said Si, taking his place in front and facing them, "you've bin talkin' about guerrillas ever since we crossed the Ohio, but now there's a prospect o' meetin' some. I hadn't expected to see any till after we'd reached Chattanoogy, but guerrillas's never where you expect 'em."


      "I cannot say that he actually did, farther than snatch out of my hand the field-glasses."